Darlynn Joans’ 65 Malibu

Do you know what a demonstrator or "demo" is? It's a new car that is usually driven by the dealer or their staff and it's the car you went for a ride in when you wanted a test drive. It had dealer plates on it and the best equipped cars were usually reserved for the dealer and his family.
Darlynn is the second owner of a highly optioned, former Harbor Chevrolet ( Long Beach , CA ) dealer demonstrator. The Harbor Chevrolet owner’s wife drove it, and then their daughter drove it, until eventually selling it to Darlynn in 1989.

A woman standing next to a blue car.
A picture of the interior of a blue car.

The Mist Blue, Fremont, Ca. built car has a 283 engine and a powerglide transmission, but it also came with power steering, power brakes, bumper guards, push button radio, rear antenna, rear speaker and padded dash. The blue interiored car, which was built the 2nd week of March, also came with tinted windows, factory air conditioner, power windows and even power seats!
At car shows, a lot of people seem to be astonished that air conditioning, power windows, and power seats were available on a ‘65, but Darlynn has the Protect-O-Plate to prove it! The dealer installed reverse dymo tape still reads “Harbor Chevrolet Corp”.

Since Darlynn has owned it, the upholstery, headliner and rugs were redone in the original pattern. The engine has been rebuilt (bored 30 over) and the tranny rebuilt, along with a fresh paint job in the original color.
The car has never been in an accident, and it’s rust free, so this is no bondo buggy. Darlynn has replaced a few parts with aftermarket items, but has kept the original parts so she can change back if she wants to.

She even has 2 sets of wheels for the car. Black walls with Crager rims pictured here and white walls with the original rims and correct full wheel covers.

A blue classic car parked on the side of a street.
1967 chevrolet bel air - chevrolet bel air - chevrolet bel air .

Every time we do a Featured car page we do an engine shot. What always impresses me though, is when an engine is what I would describe as unmolested. Don't get me wrong. I love a chrome and aluminum engine. I have one. Sometimes, though, when a car has such an amazing history, you just have to leave it alone.
If you're lucky you might see Darlynn sometime on the streets of Santa Rosa or at a Chevelle Club event. Be sure to say hi. If you're really lucky she might even let you sit in her 2nd owner beauty.