Who ever said you had to have a mint condition Chevelle or El Camino to be in our club. Jay Ball's 1965 El Camino is a perfect example of this. The only thing holding this El Camino together is rust and duct tape.

A beige pickup truck is parked in a parking lot.
A white pickup truck parked in a parking lot.

Jay Ball purchased this 1965 El Camino, 6 cylinder, 194 CI, 120 HP, 3 on tree in 1975 for $700 dollars. This El Camino was built in Fremont California and sold new in Sapastapool at Pellini Chevrolet.

Sorry, no Big Block here. Jay was just looking for a daily driver that got good gas milage. This motor was rebuilt in 1978 at which time Jay installed a shinny new crome valve cover.

No need to feel sorry for Jay. This classic shares a garage with the rarest car in the club, a 1965 Z-16. One of only 201 built. Check out this rare Z-16 HERE

1967 chevrolet impala engine.
Two men standing next to a car in a parking lot.

Jay Ball (Left) has been a member of the Nor-Cal ChevelleCaminos since December of 1997. He's seen here with his ol buddy and long time member Michael Crusco. As you can see , Jay is meticulous about the interior of his El Camino as well. For saftey reasons, there is only a drivers seat, well some cussions. Just a box and a breef case where the passenger seat should be.

Jay also tells us that this his El Camino was hit and declared totaled by his insurance company. At the time, they were only going to give Jay $1,500 dollars to settle but Jay was not ready to settle. Jay eventually negotiated $2,500 and was also able to keep the car as well. Nice job Jay!

Well, if you have never met Jay, it's worth the trip alone to come to one of our monthly meetings. When it's jay's turn to introduce himself, you will hear the famous words, "Hi, My name is Jay Ball and I have sixteen 65 Chevelle's and El Caminos", priceless.

Jay is one of the nicest guy's you will ever meet, sometimes a bit long winded in the meetings, but none the less, a nice guy.

Chevrolet c10 pickup truck.

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