Joanie’s Red 70 Malibu, The Credit Card Car

It was back at the 1993 Good-Guys November Show, that Joanie Serafino purchased her 1970 Chevelle Malibu Convertible. I had no idea that I would be buying one!"

She looked through the Car Corral at all of the cars that were for sale. Joanie always had a place in her heart for Chevelles, since she used to drive her boyfriend’s 1966 SS Chevelle at the old Fremont Drag Strip.

A red chevrolet chevelle parked in a driveway.
The interior of a classic car with leather seats.

It came down to 2 Chevelles. One was a 1965 SS Convertible, and the other was the 1970 Malibu Convertible. The guy with the ’65 would not budge with his price, and the car needed a lot more work than the other one. The guy who owned the ’70 Chevelle came down about $700, from his asking price......

So, Joanie got a cash advance from her credit card, and bought the car.

"It’s amusing how I joined the Nor-Cal ChevelleCaminos" Joanie told us. "I was living in Fremont at that time, just around the corner of the Pizza place where the club used to meet. I was driving down the street next to the Pizza place, and one of the members, Chuck Bonasera, hailed me over. Actually there were a bunch of them hollering at me as I drove by. They got me to turn around and stop and Chuck told me all about the club, and asked if I would like to join. "
Joanie said that was a great idea, especially since SHE bought the Chevelle in the first place, Joanie is Club Member number 32 of the Nor-Cal ChevelleCaminos Car Club.

A red convertible with black leather seats.
The engine compartment of a red car.

4 years ago, Joanie started the restoration of her Chevelle. Joanie said "The reason it took so long, was that we were also in the middle of a house restoration. We were so busy with that, that we were not as active with the Club, as much as we wanted to be, especially without our car. But we have her back now, and we are looking forward to all of the activities that we will enjoy with the Car Club."
Joanie is always up for big challenges. She purchased a turn of the century house also in need of restoration and moved it to it's current location near Fremont, Ca.. Like may old things, It too was worth saving.