Keith Ketchum’s 66 El Camino Sleeper.

Looks can be deceiving and Keith Ketchum's 66 El Camino is a real sleeper. If you look closely at the rear wheels you might get a hint that this is not you mild mannered El Camino but, more about that later.
As the story was told to me by Keith's daughter, Keith is a retired auto mechanic. He has just about done it all. When he wasn't working on the customer's cars, Keith would sneak off to the dealer's body shop where he also learned how do do body work.

So, as the story goes, Keith was hanging out at the house, doing what retired folks do. He was a little bored and, according to his daughter, Keith's wife was ready for him to find a hobby, and fast. So Keith found an El Camino and went to work, doing the entire restoration himself....including the body and paint work.

A man standing next to a blue pickup truck.
A blue car with a blue engine in the hood.

The results speak for themselves.

The GM Fremont built car came out of Reno. Keith has had the car for about seven years. Under the hood it boasts a 394 small block generating 540 horse power. Check out the Brodix heads and Holley fuel injection, all driving a,700R4 transmission into a 12bolt with 373's. The ECU controls all the fuel fuel. Of course it has both power steering and power brakes. Keith painted it 2 stage Lemans Blue..... in his driveway.

Do you believe it????

The interior includes scat bucket seats, full auto meter gauges and, well, just take a look.

The interior of a blue car with leather seats and steering wheel.
The rear end of a truck with a chrome exhaust pipe.

Traction on this baby is supplied by 15x12 weld wheels and she stops on a dime with the help of 4 wheel disc brakes. Five inches was added to the rear wheel wells and Keith added koni coilovers and a 16 gallon fuel cell, just in case. Future plans call for rack and pinion steering. Keith finished the truck a year and half ago and has been enjoying it ever sense.
Nothing says power like a fat rear end, "coil over" shocks and a fuel cell. If a picture is worth a thousand works, I'm done talking.