Ken and JoAnne’s amazing 66 Super Sport

So this guy wanders in to the monthly Chevelle Club meeting and says "I'm a new member and I just bought a car. We all said, "Welcome to the club, Ken. Whada ya got?" Ken, being the modest guy we now him to be says "I got a '66".

Well clearly we were being "sand bagged" by our new found friend. Ken Moline had found a 1966 Chevelle SS, Aztec Bronze, a California manufactured car. Ken and his wife JoAnne Vente purchased the car in June 2006. About four years prior, the car went through a complete ground up restoration.

A man standing next to a red chevrolet chevelle.
The interior of a red car with leather seats and steering wheel.

A first glance the car, except for the wheels and tires, appears to be stock since the air cleaner has the 396 Turbo Jet 375 hp decal and the shifter arm and knob is for the factory Muncie four speed transmission. The interior of the car is also the Aztec Bronze with a bench front seat with the clock mounted on the dash. The radio antenna is mounted on the rear fender. He also has a full set of extra tires and wheels, painted the Aztec color...just in case.
If you look carefully at the ignition in this picture you can see that keys are right there. I think I will go for a spin.

Don't wait up.

From where I stand, the car is a perfectly restored SS, complete with the 375 horsepower sticker on the air cleaner but don't try to take him on at the next stop light. Below the bonnet is a new engine and transmission combo, A brand new 502 cubic inch "crate motor" adorns the engine compartment and the transmission is a Tremec TR-3550, five speed. The rear end is a 3.73 pos-a-traction to make it cruise in fifth gear like the sleeper it is. Disc brakes were added to all four wheels and the very stock appearance was maintained throughout the car.

The hood of a classic car with a red engine.
A red chevrolet chevelle parked on a driveway.

By the way, You may remember Chevelle Club member "Smitty" Schmidt and his totally original 66 SS as the Featured Car a couple months back, well he had a hand in this one too and helped a lot during the selection process. These guys seem to know where all the cool 66s are hiding.

Just stand back a couple feet and look at the view. No, not the view from Ken and JoAnne's ranch in the foothills of Morgan Hill. The spectacular view of their Super Sport. She only has 3600 miles on her since the restoration but with all the great events the Club has planned for this Spring and Summer, they should run that number up in no time.