Mike Crusco’s 1969 Super Sport

Mike Crusco is a very active member of Nor-Cal ChevelleCaminos and is the proud owner of this 1969 SS396.

Amazing as it may seem, he found the car in one of those car advertising magazines. The ad read simply: FOR SALE 1969 Chevelle and gave a phone number. Mike phoned the owner and discovered that he was speaking to the original owner. He told Mike the car was a two door hard top, but no mention that it was an SS396.

A blue chevrolet chevelle parked in a parking lot.
The interior of a classic car with a steering wheel and dashboard.

Mike made arrangements to see the car and when he arrived, he could not believe his eyes: the car was a matching numbers, SS396, 4-speed - without hesitation he bought the car on the spot.

This Chevelle was built locally at the Fremont GM plant and has stayed in the SF Bay Area ever since.

The only disappointment Mike had with the car was that it did not have power steering, but he soon took care of that.

The chevrolet s2 emblem on the grille of a car.
A blue muscle car parked in a parking lot.

How do you spell "muscle" in the world of Chevelles?
It's simple . . . you spell it "SS"!

You can find Mike, wife Cindy and daughters Chrissy and Nikky, cruising the Bay Area backroads - Mike's warned the girls, though, that all those admiring stares they get are really aimed at the car!.