Phil Ray’s 1970 SS Convertible

Phil Ray is the proud owner of this "catch-me-if-you-can-red" 1970 Chevelle Super Sport Convertible.

Phil's full-time job is restoring Classic Cars manufactured by Chevrolet and as you can see, he is a master craftsman with attention to detail.

A red and white chevrolet chevelle is parked in a grassy area.
The engine compartment of a red car with a red engine.

This SS has a 454 CI engine and a TH400 tranny and Phil has installed some "go fast" options.

Phil's garage is full of projects these days and we would like to know when he has the time to drive the completed projects?

The completed projects all have 454 CI engines and his new projects will have the same displacement engines or maybe even bigger - as always: "bigger is always better".

A close up of the emblem on a red car.
A man is driving a red chevrolet chevelle in a field.

How do you spell "muscle" in the world of SS Chevelles?

It is really simple . . . you spell it "454"!

You can find Phil cruising California's Highway 1 on the weekends. Honk when you see him.