Roger Maune’s 1972 El Camino SS454

Roger had a '66 El Camino in high school and after graduating, needed a reliable, long-distance, daily driver for his job. So he had to sell it. Flash forward 30 years, he started thinking about getting another car. A neighbor around the corner was always working on cars and he had this gray '72 El Camino 454, with power windows, power locks, air conditioning, 4 wheel disc brakes and a 4-speed Muncie.

A red chevrolet chevelle parked in front of a building.
A close up of the ocw induction logo on a red car.

With his wife's blessing, he bought the car. It sat in the paint shop for over 6 months, until Roger finally took control and rescued it to another shop so the paint job could get done.

Recently he installed a Tremac-56 out of a '99 Camaro and WOW what a difference 6 speeds make! Well spent dough! Also added on were aluminum heads, new 17/9.5 Boss wheels, new Flowmasters, two 14" fans and a high-flow water pump to help keep her cool. Next is the up-date on the gauges with Dakota Digital, VHX gauges, they fit right into the stock dash. .

The engine compartment of a red car.
The rear end of a red pickup truck parked in a parking lot.

Roger says, "I would have to say that I like the over-all look of the car (Boss wheels really added to the look) and the smell inside the car."

I only know it makes me smile when I fire it up!

A man standing next to a red chevrolet chevelle.

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